disposable tableware

With the disposable tableware plate made of palm leaf and the cutlery (knife, fork as wooden cutlery) made of wood, the terms disposable tableware, disposable cutlery, sustainable and compostable are completely redefined.

Here you offer your guests the best ecological disposable tableware that can be imagined and bought at a reasonable price. 

10 Cups Splash Balloon
4,25 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
10 Plates Splash Balloon
4,25 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 8 (from a total of 8)

The disposable palm leaf plate is perfect for finger food, starters, main courses, desserts or party snacks. The disposable tableware is completely biodegradable.

Disposable tableware made of palm leaf - biodegradable, sustainable & compostable | protect the environment with cutlery made of wood & more

Disposable tableware does not have the reputation of being particularly environmentally friendly. You can experience in our shop every day that there are other ways of doing things. We offer you disposable tableware, such as plates made of palm leaf and cutlery made of wood. This disposable crockery looks good, is light and even protects the environment.
For our cutlery made of wood is as valid as for the disposable tableware: it is biodegradable.
Disposable tableware made of palm leaf is biodegradable. If you are interested in disposable products that are sustainable and compostable, please visit our shop.

Disposable tableware made of palm leaf is biodegradable

In our shop you will find various plates made of palm leaf. The raw material for the disposable tableware, like plates made of palm leaf, is made from fallen palm leaves. After the collection the palm leaves are first dried. After cleaning, the leaves are pressed into various shapes. They have similar characteristics to paper plates. Particularly noteworthy are their stability and heat resistance. Even dishes with a high liquid content are no problem for disposable dishes, such as plates made of palm leaves. In our shop you can get various disposable dishes made of palm leaf, which are biodegradable. The disposable tableware is without chemical coating or additives. There are thin lines in the palm leaf, which make the dishes especially handy. Parents with small children will soon appreciate this advantage. Another advantage is that the crockery is sustainably compostable. 

Cutlery made of wood - also sustainably compostable

You can also get disposable cutlery in our shop. The wooden cutlery is made of birch and can be completely dismantled. You can throw the disposable cutlery into the compost without any harm. The wood used is unbleached and free of splinters due to a machine polish without chemical additives. The disposable cutlery is very stable and has no influence on the taste of the food. You can eat desserts, party and barbecue snacks with a fork or knife.

Shipping & good support 

Whether you choose disposable dishes and plates made of palm leaf or wooden cutlery, you will always receive disposable cutlery of the highest quality. Worth mentioning is also the fast shipping and the generous conditions. Of course our shop is SSL-secured. All data is therefore transmitted encrypted. The dispatch of disposable tableware made of palm leaf (biodegradable) is very fast. From an order value of 40 Euro (the delivery is even free of charge (only in Germany). Of course you have the right to cancel any order within fourteen days. 
If you would like to know exactly which of the products are sustainably compostable, simply ask our support staff. Use the contact form on the website. Of course, your questions about disposable tableware, plates, etc. made of palm leaf will be answered as soon as possible. 

Conclusion: Sustainable living can be so easy

In our internet shop you will find a wide range of wooden cutlery and other products that are intended for one-time use but are sustainable and compostable. You will not only get disposable cutlery, but also many other things that belong to the picnic or the party outside and are also sustainable and compostable.

The disposable palm leaf tableware is biodegradable and sustainably compostable - try the alternative to plastic!
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