Here you will find all napkins and table decorations. Decorative, versatile and for all occasions.

If you like to decorate your surroundings and are looking for creative elements for everyday life, you will certainly have great pleasure with our attractive assortment in the shop.
The assortment is diverse and includes important everyday tools - from decorative napkins to beautiful tablecloths and printed toilet paper. So you can surely find a suitable table decoration for every situation and every taste.
The handkerchiefs, napkins, candles, tablecloths and printed toilet paper can be used for different occasions, such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Decorative elements for special celebrations, such as weddings, baptisms, confirmations and communions can also be found in the shop.
Here you will find all napkins and table decoration. Decorative, versatile and for all occasions.
Extremely beautiful are the napkins with the elements flowers, nature and animals, which emphasize the beautiful sides of the world and certainly cause a stir. We are aware that the tastes of our customers are very different. For this reason, the products are available in different versions, colours and designs. So there is certainly something for every taste and every need.

All products have been manufactured with great attention to detail, which can be seen in the shape and quality of the products. All articles are manufactured in Germany and Europe.

If you want to express yourself creatively around the dining table and bring colour into the room, you should not hesitate any longer and click through the attractive assortment.

Our advice

20 napkins Christmas, sayings, With you together is the most beautiful as a table decoration 33cm
3,65 EUR
20 napkins painted lamb in the spring meadow for Easter 33cm as a table decoration
3,25 EUR
20 lunch napkins back to school raven sock 33cm
3,25 EUR
20 napkins communion and confirmation fish on blue rainbows as table decoration for baptism,
3,25 EUR
20 napkins for the start of school and school enrollment with numbers for arithmetic and colors as a table decoration 33cm
Our standard price 3,25 EUR
Your price 2,65 EUR
20 napkins wedding in the balloon love newlyweds 33cm
3,35 EUR
20 napkins mandala symbols colorfully painted with watercolor 33cm as table decoration
3,25 EUR
20 napkins golden fish in wreath ichthys 33cm
3,25 EUR
20 serviettes Christian fish ICHTHYS made of leaves 33cm as table decoration
3,45 EUR

With affectionate table decoration for cosiness provide!

If you want to dine in style and like to entertain friends and family members, you can create harmony and cosiness around the table with beautiful table decorations.

The handkerchiefs, tablecloths, napkins and candles are available in different motifs. So you are sure to find the right decoration for every occasion.

For Christmas there are beautiful Christmas motives in the assortment, which express the great importance of Christmas.
A popular holiday for young and old is Halloween, which offers decorative elements with scary motifs.
When winter passes and nature awakens again, you can also bring the spirit of nature's awakening into the room with beautiful flower motifs.
In summer, maritime table decoration material creates a summer mood and really whets the appetite for the next visit to the sea. Maritime on the table expresses the lightness and warmth of the summer months and provides a pleasant feeling of life.
Those who love animals should take a look at the animal motifs.
The articles are available in different designs and always provide for delight. The products with flowers are often used all year round, as they bring joy to life. Flowers, animals and other natural elements radiate love and vitality and thus have a positive effect on body, mind and soul.

Also for the dark hours of life there are matching table decorations for mourning in the shop. On the subject of mourning you will find products in the assortment, which are characterized by a great design and high quality. The articles provide for comfort in difficult hours and bring a pleasant ambience in the room.


20 napkins confetti gold pattern neutral timeless 33cm
RRP 2,99 EUR
Only 2,49 EUR
100 napkins Bavarian rhombus / Oktoberfest / bulk pack 1-ply
RRP 3,95 EUR
Only 3,25 EUR
20 Lunch Napkins Decision
RRP 3,65 EUR
Only 2,75 EUR
20 Napkins Fishe auf bunten Rainbow Baptism , Communion and Confirmation 33cm
RRP 3,25 EUR
Only 2,75 EUR

New product

3,07 EUR
10 handkerchiefs with the saying It's nice that you exist 1 pack
1,45 EUR
10 handkerchiefs with saying Favorite Person 1 pack
1,45 EUR

Special table decoration for special occasions!

In life there are always special occasions, such as the child's start of school.

If you want to celebrate the start of school, you should take a look at the handkerchiefs, napkins, tablecloths and candles on the subject of starting school.
This is a stylish way to celebrate the start of school and will certainly remain in the child's and adult's positive memory for a long time to come.
In addition to the themes of school enrolment, baptism, communion, confirmation etc. for children, the range also includes motifs for adults.
The table decoration for the wedding creates a beautiful atmosphere at the wedding ceremony and expresses the special nature of the celebration.
The annual Oktoberfest is also a good occasion to provide a tasteful table decoration. Napkins, tablecloths and co. in the style of the Oktoberfest represent the special season.
For many people, especially for men, the topic of football is of great importance. The football is also picked up in our assortment thematically and printed graphically on decorative elements.
Winter brings typical characteristics such as snow, ice and cold. The winter elements also provide mood and well-being on table decorations during the cold season.
Whether you are looking for successful decoration for Easter, Christmas or special occasions in life - you will certainly find what you are looking for in our shop.
The shop offers a wide range of products for different uses, so that every table gets a touch of cosiness and style. True to the saying "The eye eats with the eye", a perfect table decoration can create a beautiful ambience so that the food and drinks taste even better.
The extensive range of table decorations with different motifs is suitable for different seasons, occasions, age groups and moods.

So you can find something beautiful for everyone in the shop.