Airlaid middle blankets

Airlaid middle blankets. Buy cheap napkins and table decorations

Size 80x80 cm, folded to 16x20 cm

Manufacture of airlaid

Airlaid is made from cellulose and binders. It is not processed in water as is customary in the manufacture of paper, but dry in a so-called compressed air process. Hence the term “airlaid”.

Airlaid is characterized by the following properties: It is very low-lint, tear-resistant and extremely absorbent. Airlaid is also skin-friendly and pleasantly soft

Airlaid blankets are therefore only 1-ply, but feel much higher quality than a normal 3-ply napkin.

The Airlaid blankets are dyed through, so that the color is on the top and bottom and you don't have an (unsightly) white side

Source: wikipedia
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