Napkins and table decoration with motives around football

Whether World Cup, Derby or European Championship, you can celebrate goals as they fall with napkins on the subject of football.
Discover our selection of table decorations, tablecloths and more for every occasion related to soccer.
20 Lunch Napkins So seh'n Sieger aus 33cm
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20 lunch napkins Football Germany
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20 Lunch Napkins 33cm Germany
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20 napkins soccer jersey European Championship World Championship Germany 33cm
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12 Napkins punched Football 33cm
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handkerchiefs TT Go for goal
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Celebrate together with football napkins

Not only for the football world cup party you can celebrate together with football napkins and tablecloths. Weekly at the Bundesliga or any other exciting event you will find a suitable napkin in our shop. The tablecloths are also well suited for garden furniture or the classic beer garden bench. With the help of our decoration, the mood is immediately created. You can choose between a large picture that takes centre stage or an arrangement with writing. When folding the napkins, every variation can be put in the limelight. So world champions can be celebrated immediately. As a set, the table decoration harmonises perfectly with each other. Of course, neither the lush green of the lawn nor the football itself should not be missing as an accent. Not only big fans, but also children love the ball sport. For the children's birthday party you will find many soccer decorations.

Attentive gift

Not only for the World Cup with the world champion, but also for any other occasion, a passionate fan is happy about a football motif. An attentive gift, which is also individual and unique, can be made with the help of Decoupage. Create something completely new with a napkin from our selection and the adhesive technique. The motif can be cut out or used over a large area. Or use the design with the napkin as an activity on a child's birthday. All children can then take a nice souvenir with football pictures. For the football World Cup party, a birthday or regular, joint watching of games, the individual table decoration with Decoupage is ideal. So serving plates and more can be decorated with the favourite motif Soccer and used again and again.

Celebrate the sport

With our large selection of napkins, you can celebrate the sport. For clubs, on birthdays, for the World Cup or any other occasion, the napkin is available in different sizes. This is ideal for matching any decoration to the table. Soccer is all about team spirit. Motivating sayings about soccer create an exuberant atmosphere at the party. The napkin folding invites to creative decorating. Simply combine other accents to our set, such as a miniature football, table football and more. The tablecloths with the lawn motive are a nice base for the table and remind of the stadium. The table decoration is perfect for the party in the garden at the barbecue. Even if the football is not the centre of attention, the colour theme with grass green, black and white makes you feel good.
motives around football
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