Simply enjoy eating and drinking with napkins and table decorations

Celebrate as they come and simply enjoy eating and drinking with napkins and table decorations.
Our diverse range has the right table decorations and helpful decorations, plates and cutlery ready for every occasion.

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Feel-good factor for the guest

Not only the taste, but also the ambience are a feel-good factor for the guest. Delight your guests with stylish napkins and matching tablecloths. The motif can be tailored to the occasion. Your board appears in a new light every time and inspires with many small details. Of course, the napkin also has a practical use when it comes to eating and drinking. Design and function go hand in hand with our products. The napkins will fold creatively, which can become an eye-catcher on the laid table. Choose from our different formats and sizes of napkins. Smaller cocktail formats are ideal when drinks and finger food are offered. Larger lunch napkins are suitable for eating or wrapping cutlery.

More than just decoration

As a host, you can let off steam with a napkin with a motif and use it as more than just decoration. They are suitable for handicrafts and for decoupage. In this way, other accessories or party favors can be designed. A coherent overall picture emerges. The guest can also take a souvenir with them, which is a great reminder of the wonderful occasion after eating and drinking. Tablecloths, serviettes, glasses, cutlery and plates are not only nice for hosts, but also practical. Our table decorations are supplemented by disposable tableware for food and drinks. This eliminates the need to wash glasses, plates and cutlery. It is not only a good alternative to dishes when celebrating outdoors. Of course, we pay attention to sustainability. Candles can also be added to the table decoration. When it gets dark, you can comfortably eat and drink by candlelight.

Multi-faceted table decoration

The napkin and tablecloths provide a multifaceted table decoration. With us you will find varied motifs on many topics. There are also coherent pictures for all seasons. From subtle and covered colors to bright accents, every occasion is covered. Endless possibilities and combinations are available, especially for decoupage and for handicrafts. When folding napkins, different techniques underline every design. Napkins, plates or tablecloths can be easily disposed of after the party. Even if only drinks are offered, small-format paper napkins are a good addition. They are particularly suitable outdoors to protect drinks from insects. Browse through our diverse range and equip your next celebration in a small or large frame with great table decorations!